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 RelgN's App.

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PostSubject: RelgN's App.   RelgN's App. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 10:07 pm

1,In Summoner Name: RelgN (with an L not a i)

2,Summoner Level: 30

3,Game experience(How Long you've Been Playing): 2 yrs in october, so 1yr 9mon

4,Largest Killing Streak: i'd be impressed if i could remember my largest killing spree after over 2k games played, but i do know that i have 3 penta's with trist, 1 with cait, and 1 with kat Smile

5,Any Other Clan experience: no other clans before this one

6,Favourite Map: SR

7,Main Champion: Trist, Cait, Corki, Malz, EZ(both AD and AP), and akali (still need to do some work with her)

8,Why Do u choose to be an V-I-P Member?: Tired of logging on and not having anyone to play with, solo Q blows so much :/

9,How Much days A week are u active?: I try for at least 1 game every day, i work during the week so that limits me to nighttime play but i'm on most of the weekend

10,How much Ranks Wins (if level 30)? 100 or so, I'd have to look for the exact number

11, Are u willing to respect fellow Clan Members? I'm respectful 99% of the time (intentional feeders and non-lvl 30s in my game irritate me a lot)

12, How are you Willing help this clan? I believe i'm a faiirly skilled player that has a great sense of humor, I've been told by many that I can pull off something that most people cant (AP ez)
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PostSubject: Re: RelgN's App.   RelgN's App. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 6:45 am

Congratulations RelgN, you have qualified to be an official V-I-P MEMBER, congratulations.
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RelgN's App.
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