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 UnholyFace's App

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PostSubject: UnholyFace's App   UnholyFace's App Icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2011 8:16 pm

1,In Summoner Name:

2,Summoner Level:
26 and rising

3,Game experience(How Long you've Been Playing)
Not exactly sure how long. I started about 4 months after the game hit stores.

4,Largest Killing Streak:
Largest killing streak...23. As Nasus. And I've also scored a quadrakill as Vlad, Kat, and Xin a few times.

5,Any Other Clan experience:

6,Favourite Map:
Summoner's Rift

7,Main Champion:
Probably a tie between Nasus and Xin Zhao. But I also am and experienced Leona, Katarina, Ashe, Annie, and several other physical/magical dps. Though Leona and Nasus are my only tanks, but I do play them extremely well.

8,Why Do u choose to be an V-I-P Member?:
So that I have people to play ranked games with at level 30 so I don't get dragged into the 900s because of idiots that can't be carried. Also I like to be part of a community with a central theme or common goal.

9,How Much days A week are u active?:
At minimum, 5/7

10,How much Ranks Wins (if level 30)?
On my old account I had around 70 wins and 90-100 losses I believe.

11, Are u willing to respect fellow Clan Members?
Of course

12, How are you Willing help this clan?
Any way possible. I'm a good player, so I can help by just playing. Just however I'm needed really.
Thank you for reading and considering me.
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PostSubject: Re: UnholyFace's App   UnholyFace's App Icon_minitimeSun Jul 31, 2011 5:51 am

Congratulations uholyface, you have been accpeted in clan V-I-P, Congratz
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UnholyFace's App
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