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 Views on Summoner spells

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PostSubject: Views on Summoner spells   Views on Summoner spells Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 6:25 am

I would just like to make this thread because i would like to know peoples views on whats summoner spells are good which are bad? and why?

Lets start out with THE hands down best summoner spell that MUST be carried at all time- Flash, i dont feel like i need to explain this but i will anyways, Flash saves lives. Everyday Thousands of live are saved by flash, But also thousands of lives are ended by flash, it has the most utility out of any summoner spell, and can pretty much anything. Flashing over a wall is a get out of jail free card, always carry this with you, i highly recommend it.

Ghost- Another great summoner spell, good for chasing or escaping, if you dont have flash then i would recommend you take this.

Ignite- Good early game for finishing kills, and decent mid game, and alright late game for any healers like Swain, Mundo, Nidalee and Taric.

Exhaust- Honestly the most overpowered summoner spell to date, 3 seconds of zero damage (Pretty much) and a slow to top it off, how can this not be op? Seriously needs to be reworked.

Clairvoyance- Great for all supports to carry, not so much on anyone else, let the support take it you, you take flash and something else.

Smite- You ALWAYS take when jungling, no exceptions, it speeds up your jungle, helps secure buffs and global objectives. a must.

Also every other summoner is almost not worth taking, Heal-only useful once per game the rest of the game is a waste of a summoner, Clarity- and i cant say this enough, if you have mana problems, its your fault, not the games, use your mana wisely if you take clarity you are only wasting another summoner spell, as for the others not worth taking.

Please give me some feedback as to what you think about some of these.
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Views on Summoner spells Empty
PostSubject: Re: Views on Summoner spells   Views on Summoner spells Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 8:27 am


Exhaust: Amazing SS if you get it on heroes that dont have a natural slow and can hit very fast and hard (EG Master yi...)

Teleport: so underused...The ability for a carry to just farm up and then when a teamfight begins can teleport into the thick of it...Theres a reason why Spectre was considered the best carry in DotA...he could just farm till a teamfight begins then teleport in...Teleport KINDA works like thiss just you need to be smart on how you use it. Also the ability to go back to your base and lane in a blink of an eye early to pick up items is also invaluable...

Revive: ROFL...who ever gets this please stop playing..

Heal: Good on some heroes...has caught me off guard numerous times

Clairvoyance: Love it...i barely use it but when im playing with my mates i force 1 of them to have it

Clarity: you dont use clarity if you have mana use it to control your lane...Karthus getting clarity is so imba...early on he can just spam spam spam spam refresh spam spam spam spam...You use it during teamfights after all the casters have wasted their mana pools so they can continue can easily turn team fights around just like heal...

Ghost: I think i only get Ghost on Ashe so i have 2 escape mechs

Rally: Never used but after reading it it would be good on a support...could turn the tide of a battle (?)

Fort: Very useful can save your towers really really help if a team tower dives as it increase tower attack speed

Cleanse: Could be good...could be really good...if only it get all stuns and crap off you for 3 seconds...not lower duration...if they had that then it would sorta be the BKB of LoL

thats pretty much my views on it all...all are good except revive (LOL),,,im tired as hell so im bound to have made some mistakes Smile
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Views on Summoner spells
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