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 Veigar Guide

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PostSubject: Veigar Guide   Veigar Guide Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:37 pm

Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil Guide
By BlueIcicle
Thank you for your Patience.

Runes -

9 Greater Mark of Insight
9 Greater Seal of Focus
9 Greater Glyph of Potency
3 Greater Quint of Insight

Masteries - 8-0-22


1/3 Deadliness
3/3 Archmage's Savvy
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge




1/1 Spatial Accuracy
2/3 Good Hands
3/3 Perseverence
4/4 Awareness
2/4 Expanded Mind
3/3 Meditation
3/3 Quickness
1/1 Blink of an Eye
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

Skill Order

Level 1: Baleful Strike

Level 2: Event Horizon

Level 3: Baleful Strike

Level 4: Dark Matter

Level 5: Baleful Strike

Level 6: Primordial Burst

Level 7: Baleful Strike

Level 8: Dark Matter

Level 9: Baleful Strike

Level 10: Dark Matter

Level 11: Primordial Burst

Level 12: Dark Matter

Level 13: Event Horizon

Level 14: Dark Matter

Level 15: Event Horizon

Level 16: Primordial Burst

Level 17: Event Horizon

Level 18: Event Horizon

Q: Baleful Strike
W: Dark Matter
E: Event Horizon
R: Primordial Burst
Passive: Equilibrium

Summoner Spells

Top 2 Summoner Spells:

D: Teleport
F: Flash

You can change the summoner spells, but if you do, change your masteries to fit them.


Starting Items
Meki Pendant (390g)
Health Potion (35g)
Mana Potion (40g)

Following Items (From Early Game to Mid Game)
Tear of the Goddess (605g)
Sorcerer's Shoes (1100g)
Amplifying Tome (435g)
Mejai's Soulstealer (800g)

Mid-Game Items
Blasting Wand (860g)
Archangel's Staff (1000g)

Mid to Late Game
Blasting Wand (860g)
Needlessly Large Rod (1600g)
Rabadon's Deathcap (1140g)

Late Game
Void Staff (2295g)
Lichbane (3470g)

Items at End of Full Build:

Sorcerer's Shoes (1100g)
Mejai's Soulstealer (1235g)
Archangel's Staff (2855g)
Rabadon's Deathcap (3600g)
Void Staff (2295g)
Lich Bane (3470g)

Total Expense: 14555g


    Go for MAJOR burst damage. A great way to do this is use this skill combination: Event Horizon, Dark Matter, Baleful Strike, Primordial Burst.

    You are squishy, so try to stay back until about 3-4 seconds in a team fight. Then use the stun-burst technique to go after the SQUISHIES. A main job for Veigar is to kill the squishies.

    Champions will try to focus you in team fights, so make sure, after you burst damage a squishy, to enter a tall-grass and wait for cd's to end. Then go burst damage another squishy, or a low-target.

I hope this helps allot when you are interested in mastering Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil.



** = See Notes

P.S.: I need some feedback. I hate making all these guides then having not compliments or comments.
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Veigar Guide
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